21 September 2010

It's been a while

So I have been neglecting this blog for the last... oh... 10 months or so? So I thought it was high time for an update.
  • Still smoke free!!!! I have officially kicked it. I still find myself walking closer than normal to people who are smoking... but I no longer have the urge to tackle them for their cigarette! Progress is progress, right?
  • I am still in school. Pretty much for the next 8 years you can just assume that I am still in school. I lost my 4.0, got a B in calculus =( But, I'm still doing well. This semester my core classses are organic chemistry and evolutionary biology, with a critical thinking/composition class on the side. Long story short: this semester is kicking my booty! My last three chemistry classes have been relatively simple because they had a great deal of focus on the mathmatical aspects - organic chemistry is a whole new monster to tackle. But, I'm focussed.
  • Christiana and I have finally come to a decision about our future, and on October 1st she is going to be reenlisting. So, this time next year we will be somewhere else, but as of now we have no idea where. The plan now is that she is going to retire from the army at her 20yrs (she will be 40) and that is about when I will have finished my degrees.

So, that's the big stuff I think... Oh yeah, and today is our 2nd anniversary =D And I just have to say, that I love Christiana more today than I did when we got married, and tomorrow I will love her more than I do today, and that increase will never cease. She is supportive, sweet, funny and absolutely gorgeous; I am the luckiest guy in the world. She is my best friend, and I just love hanging out with her.

So that's all for now - I would post some pictures but this blog design cuts them off in weird ways... not sure how to fix that. So, you get none!! But you don't need pictures, just know that Christiana has gotten even more attractive, and I'm a little more goofy looking.

Ta ta for now,


05 September 2010

Re-post from 2008 for Chris

Disclaimer: Be aware that I am aware that these may not be funny at all to the unaware. But to those in awareness, that is to say, who are aware of the jokes behind it all, they are funny.