17 February 2009

To you, Lover

A building protects from a storm much the same way that you keep me from my own storms; but more than just a building - a home - full of warmth and comfort, and love. A shelter in every sense of the word.
I wake up in the morning to your smile and you whisper that breakfast is ready. Perhaps it seems a small thing, since you must make breakfast for yourself anyway. But it is not a small thing to me. It is one of a thousand ways you show your love for me every single day.
You quiz me on my homework even when I’d much rather be doing something else. Your persistence is sweet.
You calm me. Your voice and your gentle touch as you play with my hair.
I adore you when you’re sleepy. When I come to bed late and you roll over and say “Hi Misterman” as you fall back asleep, this time on my chest. And I lay there running my fingers through your hair and find myself not wanting to sleep after all. But just to lie there, and be happy.
You’re going to be gone a lot this year. You’re leaving in 4 days. That ache I felt when you were in Iraq comes back in sharp stabs when I think about it. But then I remember you’re not going back to Iraq. You’ll be just as out of reach; but you’ll be safe. And that makes all the difference.
I love you. And I’ll never stop.

-Dylan James

The Pinnacles

Rock formations and caves from an old volcano.
The flash from the camera makes it look like in there - but believe me, with how deep inside we were - there wasn't a single big of light without our headlamps. Very fun. Almost couldn't fit through some of the passage ways with a backpack on - but I'm glad I was wearing it. Saved my back from getting soaked from the dripping water!

09 February 2009

Etymology sounds like a medical field. I digress...

After completing my first week of the semester, I've come to these conclusions:
1) My brain was not made to learn a foreign language.
2) Better luck understanding a black hole than a math teacher's sense of humor.
3) Biology is good. Biology is very good.

Funny story:
In math class I sit next to a firefighter. We were discussing Schwarzeneger's new mandatory 2 day/month furlough for all state employees. Since she is a state employee, I asked what she thought of it, expecting her to be disgruntled. Instead, she said:
"I think it's great! Think of it this way - It's not like we can just close up shop and not show up for 2 days. We're firefighters. So if I take two days off one week, one of my co-worker's gets paid overtime to work them for me. Then the next week, I get paid overtime to take his spot. So we're working the same number of hours as before, but we're making more money. Schwarzeneger didn't really think this one through."

I was quite amused.

In other news, it looks like I won't be going to Germany after all. What with school being so expensive and I haven't been able to find a job yet. So Christiana will be going by herself. 5 weeks isn't anything compared to the 15 months she was gone before - but I'm still not looking forward to it. Especially since she'll be gone for 9 weeks this summer, too. But, such is life. At least I've got school to keep me occupied. Speaking of which, I've got to go there now.

Hasta maƱana


08 February 2009